ToolTrack Is Your LIMS Solution

A laboratory environment presents a number of unique challenges in terms of requiring the company to remain nimble while also having a robust capability to reliably capture and analyze experimental data. I-Track Software collectively has decades of experience dealing with these unique challenges, from early stage startups to dedicated R&D divisions. ToolTrack strikes the necessary balance of flexible engineering & experimental control with intuitive functionality to quickly query, formulate, aggregate and disseminate data into useful information so the science can stay on track.

Experiment Control

With ToolTrack it's simple to create one-off experimental process flows with special handling instructions, data collection requirements or document attachments & images. You can also string together any number of experimental modules in concert with discrete steps in an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. You can then start material on your experimental flow, or you can dynamically re-route your material to an experimental section based on specific conditions. You can also take any existing process flow, copy it and make quick adjustments so you're not constantly reinventing the wheel. You can even define Recipe Overrides so that minor experiments can be done on a specific group of material without creating any new routing! It's all about control with flexibility.

Powerful & Intuitive Reporting

ToolTrack boasts an extrememly powerful reporting engine embedded within the standard User Interface (UI). Create charts, pivots, summary tables and more with a few clicks. Easily search for key attributes with robust filtering options, set up conditional formatting and save your reports for yourself or others. You can always export the data for further analysis in your favorite statistical program. With ToolTrack you don't need a 3rd party reporting platform to get the management and operations dashboards you've always wanted.

Why I-Track Software?

We provide a flexible solution that fits your operations and grows as you do. This enables scientists, engineers & founders to adjust to the ever-changing experimental landscape that will bring an invention to fruition. ToolTrack was built by manufacturing industry experts who've experienced everything from two-person lab bootstraps to large R&D divisions that demand a special kind of flexible control. We customize and implement your software solution using a modular platform that's easy to use, quick to modify and less expensive than any other product on the market. I-Track Software enables you to avoid costly legacy systems that lack the flexibility to adapt to changing business requirements and embrace a cost-effective solution that gives you a competitive edge.

How Does I-Track Software Do This?

We've taken a different approach to Manufacturing Execution (MES) and Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS). Most companies use a legacy architecture with rigid database and application layers which limits the ability for customization. These products often require full time in-house support and slow thin client programs that have to be constantly updated and won't run on mobile devices. But with ToolTrack, customization is driven by metadata rather than low level source code. Plus, ToolTrack utilizes a fast web-based user interface so you can access it anywhere, on any device.

ToolTrack Benefits

  • Shorten experiment cycle times while ensuring quality.
  • Handle changing priorities without losing time.
  • Empower scientists & engineers to easily take control of their experiment tracking.
  • Understand your lab equipment utilization and maintain.
  • Shorten New Product Introduction (NPI) times by isolating pilot runs and providing intuitive access to quality monitoring data.
  • Maximize resources through controlled training & certification.

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