ToolTrack MES: Your High-Tech Assembly Solution

High-tech electronics manufacturers face the ongoing challenge of optimizing assembly efficiency while ensuring component traceability. It's crucial to track supplier trends and detect any potentially compromised products, alongside ensuring units meet specifications. ToolTrack MES incorporates specialized features to manage intricate hierarchies of sub-assemblies, super-assemblies, and externally supplied components/consumables. This ensures your business maintains comprehensive traceability across every product and unit without compromise.

Supplier Component Tracking

Consider a scenario where your flagship product utilizes components from two different suppliers. On the shop floor, it's imperative to treat components from both suppliers equally, ensuring uniform installation and testing procedures. However, maintaining traceability at the supplier batch or serial number level is essential for understanding variable costs and predicting future failure rates associated with different suppliers. ToolTrack MES offers straightforward yet robust material inventory capabilities for managing supplier component batches. Additionally, it enables validation of discrete unique serial numbers at each operation. With the integration of barcode scanners, your shop floor operations can proceed confidently, as ToolTrack MES guarantees accurate component usage at the right time and place. Say goodbye to uncertainties regarding ambiguously defined product quarantines. 

Fully Documented Process Changes

Within ToolTrack MES, an incorporated Revision Control module meticulously archives the complete history of all Document, Supplier, and Part Number records. This module features customizable approval workflows, ensuring swift sign-offs, while changes are promptly disseminated to the shop floor. For instance, when updating a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) with revised assembly instructions, there's no urgency to produce paper copies or halt production. Users can effortlessly access the updated document with a single click directly within the MES user interface. This guarantees that the shop floor consistently utilizes the latest approved version of any document, eliminating the need to recall current revision numbers.

Why I-Track Software?

Our solution seamlessly adapts to your operations and evolves alongside your growth, empowering your production supervisors, engineers, and managers to navigate the dynamic landscape of manufacturing processes. Developed by seasoned experts within the manufacturing industry, ToolTrack MES is constructed on a modular platform, ensuring customization is straightforward, rapid, and more cost-effective than alternative products. Unlike many others, we don't outsource your requirements to offshore development teams. With us, you'll always have unlimited user access, and your team can effortlessly generate custom reports without any coding knowledge. Say goodbye to expensive legacy systems lacking adaptability to changing business requirements and embrace Chain Reaction Systems for a competitive edge. 

How Does Chain Reaction Systems Do This?

We've adopted a unique approach to manufacturing execution (MES) and shopfloor control software. While most companies rely on a legacy architecture characterized by inflexible database and application layers, ToolTrack MES stands apart. Traditional products often demand constant in-house support and run slow thin client programs that lack mobile compatibility and require frequent updates. However, ToolTrack MES revolutionizes customization by utilizing metadata instead of low-level source code. Furthermore, it boasts a swift web-based user interface, accessible from any device, anywhere. 

The adaptable modeling and extensive configuration options in ToolTrack MES streamline the customization process without the need for expensive programming. Moreover, multiple facilities can maintain autonomy while benefiting from a unified MES solution. Even if custom program logic is required, implementing new functionality is a one-time task, instantly accessible to all users without disrupting operations or necessitating application re-certification. 

ToolTrack MES Benefits

  • Shorten cycle times while ensuring quality and predictability.
  • Handle changing product specifications without loss of production time.
  • Tracks off-site / contract manufacturer work so you can predict throughput and relieve bottlenecks.
  • Manage equipment utilization, reducing scrap and increasing yields.
  • Shorten New Product Introduction (NPI) times by isolating pilot runs and providing intuitive access to quality monitoring data.
  • Maximize resources through controlled training & certification.

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