The Enterprise Software Myth

One of the reasons we started Chain Reaction Systems was to combat the enterprise software myth around MES and LIMS products. It goes like this: once a manufacturing company reaches a certain size, they need to start using manufacturing software that is overly complex and requires an army of consultants to implement (and is therefore inordinately expensive) otherwise they won't be able to keep growing.

The reason this myth exists is because the old-school software vendors perpetuating it have become complacent (and/or lazy) and are attempting to convince you, the customer, that paying their ridiculously high pricing is the only way to be taken seriously. One of the unfortunate side effects of this myth is that small businesses are immediately priced out of a software solution that could significantly improve their manufacturing operations.

And because this "enterprise software" is so much more expensive than a solution like ToolTrack, it simply must be better and more capable... Right?

Nope, we just like fair pricing. But those big guys are hoping you won't notice.

At Chain Reaction Systems, we focus on the product, not the marketing. We provide a powerful, flexible and reasonably-priced solution that can be (and is) used by large enterprises and small businesses alike, for the same price point! That may sound strange, but give us an hour and see why we're busting the enterprise software myth!


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