ToolTrack Manufacturing Scheduler

A native & fully integrated add-on module for ToolTrack MES


ToolTrack Manufacturing Scheduler

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a critical utility for managing work in progress (WIP) inventory, process flows and production output. However, as your business grows and process flows mature, daily operations become more complex because the factory has to balance engineering, preventive maintenance, R&D cycles of learning and production activities which often have conflicting resource requirements. This forces factory managers to constantly shuffle project priorities in an attempt to optimize for whatever's most important that day. Not only is this a very taxing activity involving spreadsheets and manual analysis, but it's usually done by someone who already has a full time job! Scheduling software can help, but typically costs well into the 6 figures and you have to manage a separate system.

  1. WHAT IF  your MES could do the complex scheduling analysis and constantly adapt to the changing factory environment automatically, all within a single user interface?

  2. WHAT IF your MES could then feed the result of that analysis directly into the screens that drive operations so everyone knows exactly what to do, and when to do it, with intuitive visuals?

Tactical Scheduling allows factory managers to fine tune a methodology for driving to specific manufacturing goals. Big shipment in 6 weeks? Want to make sure your bottleneck equipment is always busy so you don't starve the back end of the production line? The ToolTrack Scheduler pegs all activity in the factory down to the minute, and makes sure the right material is being processed at the right time (on the right equipment) to achieve your goals. Material going on hold? Important experiment being designed? Equipment maintenance coming up? No problem! ToolTrack Scheduler takes all of that into account and constantly reacts to changing conditions automatically.

Strategic Planning enables planners to run what-if scenarios and simulate the outcome of major changes without actually impacting operations. How many more widgets can be produced if we acquire a second bottleneck equipment... over 1 month? Over 3 years? How many operators will be needed to accommodate the extra volume? With the ToolTrack Scheduler you'll have a granular understanding of how the factory will react before actually committing any changes. When your simulated scenario is to your liking, deploy it to the factory with a single click!

What makes the ToolTrack Scheduler so much better than competing products?

  • Built on the same foundation as ToolTrack MES, which means it runs in the same user interface and is fundamentally integrated for superior performance.

  • You get robust short interval scheduling as well as long term planning capabilities for one affordable price.

  • Our pricing is reasonable, just like with our MES.
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Key Capabilities

  • Understand why ToolTrack Scheduler makes every decision with clear reason codes.
  • Make ad-hoc changes to future demand, PM schedules, queue time dependencies, WIP priorities etc and receive rapid feedback.
  • Auto calculated metrics for equipment utilization, moves, outs, on-time delivery, required operator time and more!
  • Visualize the schedule with detailed interactive Gantt charts.
  • Push your optimized schedule to production with a single button click.

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