ToolTrack MES: Your Medical Device Manufacturing Solution

The demands placed on medical device manufacturers are unique, requiring constant product innovation and revenue generation from new products. Additionally, these manufacturers must maintain stringent control over manufacturing processes and possess the flexibility to manage plants across different geographic regions. Achieving synchronization across facilities, sustaining yield enhancements, and adapting supply chain responses to late-stage demand fluctuations are critical imperatives in this industry. I-Track Software offers a tailored solution designed specifically for medical device manufacturers, addressing these challenges effectively. By streamlining processes, our solution reduces time to market, ensures uniform quality standards across production sites, and simplifies regulatory compliance procedures.

Time-to-Market Advantage

Consider the scenario of revising a manufacturing process and the accompanying information systems. ToolTrack MES boasts adaptability to diverse product configurations, empowering organizations to swiftly experiment, execute, adjust, and validate changes internally, according to their timelines. This flexibility caters to customer-specific processes and products without necessitating a complete re-validation of the MES. Employing standardized process definition and management can notably enhance yield and facilitate rapid volume scaling for both new and existing processes. ToolTrack MES stands out as a comprehensive solution, offering real-time adaptability to efficiently fine-tune production processes across various distinct manufacturing sites.

Simplify & Reduce the Cost of Regulatory Compliance

ToolTrack MES incorporates features tailored to assist medical device manufacturers in adhering to evolving regulatory standards, thus lowering compliance costs, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring complete accountability. This system aligns with FDA Regulation 21 CFR Part 11, which oversees electronic signature usage and electronic records collection and storage. Moreover, ToolTrack MES facilitates compliance with good manufacturing practices mandated by 21 CFR Part 820, providing real-time batch history and genealogy. This functionality safeguards the integrity of the manufacturing audit trail by meticulously tracking material and production activities across diverse sites, time zones, and geographic locations. 

Ensure Quality with Complete Traceability

ToolTrack MES facilitates the generation of comprehensive device history records (DHR), encompassing operator details, equipment used, timestamps, process recipes/work instructions, consumable data, and quality metrics. With features such as Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) and Statistical Process Control (SPC) equipped with automated alerts, manufacturing issues can be swiftly addressed before they escalate into product-related problems. Additionally, centralized management and dissemination of workflows and specifications minimize manufacturing inconsistencies across facilities, thereby enhancing overall quality across the global production network.

Why Chain Reaction Systems?

Our solution is tailored to seamlessly integrate with your operations, adapting to your evolving needs. This empowers your production supervisors, engineers, and managers to effectively navigate the dynamic landscape of manufacturing processes. Developed by seasoned experts within the manufacturing industry, ToolTrack MES is constructed on a modular platform, ensuring customization is both straightforward and cost-effective. Unlike other products on the market, we don't outsource your requirements to offshore development teams. With us, you'll always have unlimited user access and the ability to generate custom reports without any coding expertise. Say goodbye to expensive legacy systems that lack the agility to accommodate shifting business demands. Transition to Chain Reaction Systems and gain a competitive advantage with our adaptable solution. 

How Does Chain Reaction Systems Do This?

We've revolutionized Manufacturing Execution (MES) and shopfloor control software with a unique approach. Unlike many companies that rely on legacy architectures with inflexible database and application layers, our approach prioritizes customization. Conventional products often demand full-time, in-house support and run slow thin client programs that are not compatible with mobile devices and require frequent updates. However, ToolTrack MES distinguishes itself by driving customization through metadata rather than low-level source code adjustments. Additionally, ToolTrack MES features a rapid web-based user interface, allowing access from any device, anywhere. 

The adaptable modeling and extensive configuration options in ToolTrack MES enable swift customization of your manufacturing software without the need for expensive programming. Moreover, multiple facilities can maintain autonomy while benefiting from a unified MES solution. Even for customized program logic requirements, implementation is seamless, immediately available to all users without disruption or the need for application re-certification. 

ToolTrack MES Benefits

  • Shorten cycle times while ensuring quality and predictability.
  • Handle changing product specifications without loss of production time.
  • Tracks off-site / contract manufacturer work so you can predict throughput and relieve bottlenecks.
  • Manage equipment utilization, reducing scrap and increasing yields.
  • Shorten New Product Introduction (NPI) times by isolating pilot runs and providing intuitive access to quality monitoring data.
  • Maximize resources through controlled training & certification.

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