We're Manufacturing people first...We Get It!

  • The system architects that engage on your first call are the same people who handle the implementation from start to finish. We don't waste time translating requirements back and forth between junior business analysts and disconnected developers, which is why our typical deployment time is just a few short weeks. Ask our competition if they can say the same thing.
  • ToolTrack was built specifically for small to mid-sized (SMB) manufacturing businesses to help them improve productivity and control costs. We offer enterprise-level functionality & reliability for a lot less than you'd expect.
  • ToolTrack is a complete MES solution that's packed with capabilities our competitors charge extra for, such as equipment management, document and quality control, operator certification & more. We understand that a truly effective MES touches many facets of a manufacturing business, so we don't "nickle and dime" you for functionality that is critical to controlling your processes.
  • 100% of our product design and development is done in-house, in the USA, without any 3rd party contractors or offshore development teams.
  • Rapid customization gives you the specialized functionality you need without the high cost that is typically associated with custom applications thanks to the innovative design of ToolTrack.
  • You always get unlimited named user accounts, no matter what. Some of our competitors boast unlimited users, but then limit your cloud data storage or transactions. We don't limit data storage, transactions or anything else. When we say unlimited, we mean it.
  • ToolTrack's private cloud infrastructure is not hosted on shared resources like some of our competitors; we architected our private cloud from scratch to be as robust, secure and high-performing as possible, and it's part of our intellectual property so we don't take it for granted.

And there's more...

  • ToolTrack can be deployed in our private cloud, or on-premise.
  • You always own your data, even if you cancel your service.
  • No long-term contract for our cloud deployment.

Customer Ecosystem

Since ToolTrack is so flexible and can be tailored to any manufacturing or lab environment, we often get requests from customers to develop specialized and/or new functionality that increases the value of ToolTrack for their business. Often times those requests can be handled within the scope of our ongoing support, but sometimes they require a separate development project to be fully realized.

I-Track Software

When those functional requests can be applied to our baseline ToolTrack product, not only do we bake them in for future customers, we also ask our existing customers if they would find that capability useful. If they like what they see, we deploy it in their ToolTrack application for free! From our perspective, if the development of that new feature has already been paid for, it makes sense to provide it to anyone who could use it. It's like the "give a penny, take a penny" tray at the store, and over time, everyone wins.


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