ToolTrack MES: Your Semiconductor Manufacturing Solution

Semiconductor manufacturing presents the challenge of maximizing output while controlling costs effectively. Traditional software solutions for wafer fabrication primarily served large-scale enterprises, focusing on fully automated operations known as "lights out" processes. However, for most semiconductor manufacturers, especially those managing diverse product ranges, conventional MES software isn't viable. Its high costs and rigid structure impede operational efficiency. Consequently, many turned to manual paper-based systems or expensive but unsuitable software alternatives. ToolTrack MES steps in with a modular, adaptable, and cost-efficient software solution designed specifically for semiconductor processes. Leveraging cutting-edge database technology, it meets the needs of semiconductor manufacturers without straining their budgets. 

Pitfalls of Paper Travelers

To trim expenses, numerous manufacturing firms opt for paper travelers or spreadsheets to monitor production. However, they swiftly confront the drawbacks of scattered data silos and conflicting information streams. This fragmented approach complicates tracing unit histories and analyzing parametric trends. Printed data quickly becomes obsolete. ToolTrack MES presents a remedy by phasing out paper-based processes and establishing a singular, continuously updated data repository. Through customizable management dashboards, enterprises access real-time insights into inventory and operations, reducing reliance on production supervisors for updates. At Chain Reaction Systems, our priority lies in heightening information clarity and facilitating data-informed decision-making. 

Why Chain Reaction Systems?

Our solution is adaptable to your evolving operations, scaling alongside your growth. This empowers your production supervisors, engineers, and managers to seamlessly navigate the dynamic landscape of manufacturing processes. Developed by industry experts, ToolTrack MES avoids outsourcing your needs to distant development teams. Instead, it harnesses a modular platform, facilitating easy and cost-effective customization. With unlimited user access and simplified report generation—no coding required—I-Track Software liberates you from rigid legacy systems. Embrace a solution that not only meets but exceeds your changing business needs, giving you a distinct competitive advantage. 

How Does Chain Reaction Systems Do This?

We've revolutionized Manufacturing Execution (MES) and shopfloor control software with a unique approach. Unlike many companies utilizing legacy architectures with inflexible database and application layers, we've prioritized customization. These conventional products often demand constant in-house support and operate sluggishly on thin client programs, incompatible with mobile devices. However, ToolTrack MES distinguishes itself by employing metadata-driven customization instead of low-level source code adjustments. Moreover, it boasts a rapid web-based user interface, ensuring accessibility from any device, anywhere.

ToolTrack MES offers unparalleled flexibility through its adaptable modeling and extensive configuration options, eliminating the need for costly programming. With this system, multiple facilities can maintain autonomy while benefiting from a unified MES solution. Even for custom program logic requirements, implementation is seamless and immediately accessible to all users without disruption or the need for application re-certification.

ToolTrack MES Benefits

  • Shorten cycle times while ensuring quality and predictability.
  • Handle changing product specifications without loss of production time.
  • Tracks off-site / contract manufacturer work so you can predict throughput and relieve bottlenecks.
  • Manage equipment utilization, reducing scrap and increasing yields.
  • Shorten New Product Introduction (NPI) times by isolating pilot runs and providing intuitive access to quality monitoring data.
  • Maximize resources through controlled training & certification.

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