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"We chose ToolTrack MES to replace our paper travelers because many of the standard features matched what we needed, at a price point that fit our company's budget. The support team is exceptionally responsive, and their experience as engineers who have been users of other MES is evident in the way the system architecture is able to adapt to unique processing requirements. Customization work was completed quickly, and came with detailed instructions, including screen captures and examples on dummy lots as explanation aids."

Robert F.

SiMPore, Inc.


"NexGen is a GaN-on-GaN semiconductor manufacturer running ToolTrack MES for our Fab operations. ToolTrack has been exceptionally reliable and an excellent fit for our production team. Its flexibility has allowed it to become immersed in our processes and become what we rely upon to 'run the business'. I cannot speak highly enough of the responsiveness and energy the I-Track Software team offers us. They not only provide in-depth knowledge on ToolTrack, but great insights as to what MES modeling decisions work best for our environment. These insights have been invaluable as we integrate ToolTrack to other systems (analytics, ERP, etc.) I am a strong proponent of ToolTrack and the entire I-Track team."

Alex M.

Sr. Director IT
NexGen Power Systems


"The most important part of MES software is the team supporting it. I-Track Software has an excellent team. They are highly customer focused, readily available, honest when they cannot accommodate a request and helpful coming up with alternative solutions. Equally important is the ability of an MES to handle a semiconductor process flow, and I-Track has that experience. We vetted other MES products; for systems in a similar price range, we could not fit our process into their rigid box. ToolTrack MES is flexible and well organized, which allows quick responses to change requests and the ability to match as closely as possible our existing process flow. My company has been running on excel macros for years, but with the help of ToolTrack we are automating our data to reduce error, improving data visualization with in-app charts and customizable reporting, and getting data to engineers quicker. The I-Track team developed new API endpoints to accept our specific data types, customized ToolTrack MES to our process flow, and helped us build and guide our team to drive automation within the MES. Great team, great product. I highly recommend I-Track and ToolTrack."

Heather M.

Characterization Manager
Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductor MES

"We implemented ToolTrack MES in our company about two years ago. The company was moving from Excel based travelers to an MES and needed one with flexibility and ease of use. We found that in ToolTrack and partnering up with I-Track Software was the best decision. The I-Track team was there to help guide us every step of the way. ToolTrack is very user friendly and easy to navigate for all users, from the administrative back-end to the users on the floor. Our management team and board of directors were thrilled with the reporting that the system easily generates. If your company is looking for an MES, partnering with the team at I-Track is a decision you will be glad you made. I-Track is not priced like the big companies, but ToolTrack gives you the power of the big companies."

MES Administrator
MEMS/Semiconductor Industry


"We analyzed several options for a quality system and quickly landed on ToolTrack because I-Track Software was able to customize to our specific needs at a fraction of the cost of other systems investigated. ToolTrack has enabled us to implement a fully functional MES, QMS, and EMS from scratch. The team at I-Track has been responsive to our specific needs and provided fast customer service when needed."

Quality Manager

"As our manufacturing capability grew, we required an MES to help track the various process flows and products within the manufacturing line. The I-Track Software solution, ToolTrack, is not just very cost effective but is also extremely adaptable. Requests for additional features is always acknowledged with a positive attitude and rolled out in a timely manner."

Stanley V.

Integration Engineer

LIMS for Recycling Industry

"It's amazing what we have accomplished with ToolTrack in a short time. We signed the contract, and 45 days later we had implemented an active LIMS system... it was so easy to do! We were in a production ramp, so even though ToolTrack was being implemented it was not our company's main focus. After two weeks of using the system the staff provided feedback that they couldn't believe the implementation went so well without causing a big disruption, and that ToolTrack was really helping them. ToolTrack has the flexibility that a growing company needs, and I-Track Software provides complete support during the entire project. I strongly recommend ToolTrack, and the people behind it."

Caroline C.

Quality Assurance Manager
Recycling Industry

MES for OptoElectronics

"ToolTrack checks all the boxes: full functionality; easily configurable to fit our specific needs; scalable, secure architecture; fast implementation; sensible pricing model; all backed up by a great responsive team."

Mark C.

Director of NPI
Optoelectronics Industry

Sunpower Solar MES

"Our internal selection team looked at many MES solutions, and after an exhaustive search process, we decided to go with the I-Track team and their ToolTrack Platform. ToolTrack “off the shelf” version had many of the features called out in our functional spec and the process of customizing the remaining portions was remarkably easy and efficient. As a fast-moving R&D organization, we needed a product which could adapt to our needs with the cycle time to implement changes at an absolute minimum. I-Track delivered every time and we are very pleased with the results."

Maurice O.

Director of Ops

Bio Rad MES

"We were in the market for an MES for document control, consumable traceability, statistical process control, and reporting. ToolTrack delivered on all of these aspects and more. I have found that ToolTrack is very powerful with many added features that will come in handy as our company grows. Pros: ease of use, great customer service, easy customization, low cost."

Mary S.

Process Engineer

"Incredible customer support! They strive to respond within a day for small requests. For larger issues, such as adding features and customizing reports, they have been incredibly responsive."

Michael C.

Principal Scientist
Electronics Manufacturing

"I've used multiple MES Platforms for microelectronics manufacturing and R&D applications as an Engineer. I’ve also evaluated several for purchase... ToolTrack takes the cake for being the best I’ve used, even over the ones costing orders of magnitude more. ToolTrack Has the rare duality of being flexible enough for R&D tracking, yet still user friendly on the manufacturing floor. Scalability is another strong point - for a startup or small business, ToolTrack serves as a capable and cost-friendly system which can easily scale as your company grows. Finally, the support is fantastic! The folks at I-Track have years of experience in high volume manufacturing and R&D environments, and are eager to help solve your problems. And they are pleasant (even fun!) to work with."

Brian B.

Process Engineer
Soraa Laser Diode, Inc.

"I-Track has done a fantastic job of building a system that is very easy to use and manage."

Freda T.

Quality Manager
Soraa Laser Diode, Inc.

"This is a great tool for keeping track of WIP, Equipment status, Quality Assurance and so much more. Now that we have been using it for a while, its hard to imagine trying to keep track of paper trails. I love being able to customize the features so that they are exactly what we need. It has saved us an enormous amount of time that would otherwise be spent hunting down paperwork. Our business has such specialized projects that we didn’t think we would ever be able to find a tracking system that would meet our special needs. We have been very happy with how the system is evolving into the perfect tracker for our company. Thank you!"

Jacquie H

Control Specialist
Noel Technologies

"As our business grew, we needed a flexible system that could handle over 1,000 variables of service offerings and I-Track was the clear choice. ToolTrack is a valuable & awesome tool we use to run our business."

Brenda H.

VP Business Development
Noel Technologies

"I-Track continues to allow us to do our work in faster and smarter ways."

Marianne G.

MES Administrator

"System has been very adaptive to our needs and the launch was exceptionally efficient."

Simon G.

Director of Ops
Biotech Industry

Metals MES

"We engaged I-Track to build and host a customized MES for our proprietary steel coil processing using an outsourced manufacturing model. I-Track is a flexible platform that was very quickly customized to our needs. It is a powerful piece of software with easy configurability and outstanding reporting capabilities. Since it is hosted, it is very easy for a startup like us to acquire and we don’t need to worry about maintenance, IT staff etc. I-Track’s chief architect worked with us closely to understand the requirements and then rapidly turn around the required functionality. I-Track is a very intuitive, easy to use system and coupled with the excellent training videos provided, we were able to start using it very quickly and competently. We loved working with I-Track as they were extraordinarily flexible and responsive to our needs. Overall, this has been one of the fastest and most successful application software projects I’ve implemented."

VP Operations
Metals Processing Industry

"I-Track has helped us tremendously, enabling us to manage our operations and inventory. The system is easy to understand and is completely custom-tailored to our needs. The in-depth training videos are excellent and we even had a Saturday morning on-site training session (for free) to iron out the tiny details. I-Track always makes themselves available to help, which shows they really want you and your business to succeed."

Technical Service Rep
Metals Processing Industry

"I-Track was able to rapidly develop and implement an MES solution for our high volume manufacturing location in the UK. We needed a system which could drop in to an existing manufacturing facility and processes. The I-Track software is able to emulate the actions and WIP movements on the production floor as opposed to us having to adjust our manufacturing process to match the system. The I-Track teams experience and knowledge of manufacturing environments enabled us to quickly define the requirements and implement the system, and the team provided solid documentation and training."

VP Operations
Optoelectronics Assembly Industry

"Customer service is excellent! I get prompt and precise responses to my questions every single time. When we needed extra add-on features, we would get them quickly."

Cynthia L.

Process Engineer
Semiconductor Industry


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