A Complete LIMS Solution with Enterprise-Grade Functionality that is Intuitive, Simple to Use and Affordable.

Sound too good to be true? Let us prove it to you!
ToolTrack LIMS ease of use stems from our extensive background in high-tech manufacturing and lab environments; we've lived through all of the pain points you're experiencing while running on paper travelers and spreadsheets. Our system architects (the folks who work with you to customize and implement ToolTrack LIMS from start to finish) have a minimum of 15 years of experience in the world of manufacturing operations. We're former process engineers, operations leaders and automation experts. We've leveraged this expertise and designed ToolTrack from scratch based on decades of observation and feedback across Operations, Equipment / Facilities, Quality Control, Process Engineering and Product Management.

With that foundation we continually improve the capabilities of ToolTrack by establishing strong relationships with our customers to make sure we can adapt to their needs as their business grows and their process flows mature. When new capabilities are added to the ToolTrack baseline, we'll enable it for existing customers free of charge without disrupting their deployment or customized functionality! Much like high-tech manufacturing, we take a continuous improvement (aka "Kaizen") approach with ToolTrack. Furthermore, since ToolTrack is a web application (meaning you only need a browser like Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari to use it), we don't require annoying plug-ins or thin-clients that are slow and have to be constantly updated. With ToolTrack you can use any device, anywhere.

The low cost of our solution is driven by:

  • ToolTrack's unique architecture. This enables rapid and inexpensive customization, so we're able to tailor the solution for each customer without spending months on development.
  • Focusing on the product. We don't spend a lot on sales & marketing because we rely on our customers to spread the word about us (check our testimonials page!). From the first introductory call you'll be working with a senior system architect that knows the product inside and out, and can speak to pricing and deployment timelines. You'll immediately realize that "We're Manufacturing People First... We Get It". We're also happy to provide customer references within your industry if you'd like to get some unbiased opinions on how we do things.
  • Customer-centric solution design. Other LIMS vendors have become complacent and tried to make a one-size-fits-all product. This means that you, the customer, have to conform your processes and business logic to the rigid constraints of the vendor rather than the other way around. If you need a specific customization, it gets very expensive very fast. We strongly believe that LIMS software should conform to the unique requirements of the customer since they're the actual users of the system.
  • We're not greedy.

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