A Complete MES Solution with Enterprise-Grade Functionality that is Intuitive, Simple to Use and Affordable.

Sound too good to be true? Let us prove it to you!
ToolTrack's user-friendly design is rooted in our deep understanding of high-tech manufacturing and laboratory environments. Having experienced firsthand the challenges associated with relying on paper travelers and spreadsheets, we empathize with your struggles. Our team of system architects, who guide you through the customization and implementation of ToolTrack MES, each boast a minimum of 15 years of experience in manufacturing operations. With backgrounds ranging from process engineering to automation expertise, we've drawn upon decades of collective experience to develop ToolTrack MES from the ground up. This process involved extensive observation and feedback across various domains, including Operations, Equipment/Facilities, Quality Control, Process Engineering, and Product Management.

Building upon this foundation, we are dedicated to enhancing the capabilities of ToolTrack through strong customer relationships. We strive to adapt to their evolving needs as their businesses expand and their processes mature. When new features are integrated into the ToolTrack MES baseline, existing customers receive them at no extra cost, ensuring seamless deployment without disruption to customized functionalities. Much like the approach in high-tech manufacturing, we embrace continuous improvement, known as "Kaizen," with ToolTrack MES.

Moreover, ToolTrack MES is a web application, eliminating the need for cumbersome plug-ins or slow thin clients that require constant updates. With ToolTrack, users can access the platform from any device, anywhere, using popular browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari.

The low cost of our solution is driven by:

  • ToolTrack boasts a distinctive architecture that facilitates swift and cost-effective customization. This allows us to tailor the solution to each customer's specific needs without the lengthy development timelines typically associated with such endeavors.
  • Our emphasis is on the product itself. Instead of investing heavily in sales and marketing, we depend on our satisfied customers to advocate for us (feel free to explore our testimonials page!). Right from your initial introductory call, you'll collaborate with a seasoned system architect who possesses in-depth knowledge of the product and can address pricing and deployment schedules. You'll quickly discover our commitment to prioritizing manufacturing expertise, as "We're Manufacturing People First... We Get It." Additionally, we're more than willing to provide customer references from your industry, allowing you to gather unbiased perspectives on our approach.
  • Our approach prioritizes customer-centric solution design. Unlike many MES vendors who offer one-size-fits-all solutions, we understand the importance of tailoring the software to meet the unique needs of each customer. With other vendors, customers often find themselves having to adjust their processes and business logic to fit the rigid constraints of the software, leading to frustration and added expenses for specific customizations. We firmly believe that MES software should be adaptable to the individual requirements of the customer, as they are the ones who will ultimately use the system.
  • We're not greedy, we prioritize fairness and integrity.

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