With ToolTrack, "customization"
isn't a four-letter word.

ToolTrack MES stands out from other MES products due to its unique architecture, specifically designed to facilitate easy customization and adaptation for each implementation. Drawing from extensive experience in various high-tech manufacturing and R&D settings, we understand that every business prefers to customize aspects of their manufacturing software solution. Whether it's simple adjustments like using specific terminology in the user interface or more extensive customizations based on unique process flow constraints or form factor considerations, ToolTrack MES is engineered to accommodate diverse needs.

Instead of opting for a generic one-size-fits-all strategy, ToolTrack MES offers remarkable flexibility by leveraging metadata for customization instead of low-level source code modifications. This approach allows each customer to implement their own functional enhancements and business logic tailored to their specific needs, without altering the core engine of ToolTrack. As a result, all customizations remain fully supported indefinitely. This feature has played a significant role in the widespread adoption of ToolTrack MES as a tailored solution across diverse industries, including semiconductor/MEMS, solar, medical device, metals processing, high-tech assembly, and glass processing.

Other MES products are built on legacy architecture with two annoying side effects:

  • Customizing them is both challenging and costly due to the need to "fork" the program code, leading to maintenance difficulties in the long run. Have you ever encountered a scenario where a software upgrade resulted in the breakdown of existing functionality, prompting an immediate rollback? Such issues are avoided with ToolTrack.
  • These systems depend on thin-client software, like Java Runtime (JRE), which necessitates installation on every computer utilizing the software. Consequently, accessibility to the system is limited, as it is only compatible with specific versions of particular operating systems, rendering tablets and mobile devices unusable. Furthermore, each product update mandates an update for every thin-client, creating a logistical nightmare for your IT department. Thin-clients often prove cumbersome and sluggish, earning them the label of "bloated clients."
On the contrary, ToolTrack MES is a native web application, aligning with the global shift towards browser-based software, which represents the forefront of software technology development. Leveraging modern browser capabilities, ToolTrack delivers aesthetically pleasing, high-performance, and scalable solutions, featuring interactive dashboards and analytics accessible from any device, anywhere.

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