With ToolTrack, "customization"
isn't a four-letter word.

ToolTrack LIMS is fundamentally different than other LIMS products because it was architected from scratch to be easily customized and tailored for every implementation. Having worked in a multitude of high-tech manufacturing and R&D environments, we know that every business likes to customize at least a small aspect of their laboratory software solution. Sometimes it's as simple as using specific terminology within the user interface, and sometimes customizations can be quite extensive based on the unique constraints or form factor considerations of the process flow.

Rather than try the lazy one-size-fits-all approach, ToolTrack LIMS provides incredible flexibility by using metadata to drive customization rather than low level source code. This means that while each customer can have their own functional enhancements and business logic for their particular use cases, the underlying engine of ToolTrack LIMS is unchanged and therefore all customizations are fully supported forever. This is a big reason why ToolTrack LIMS has been deployed as a tailored solution in a wide range of diverse lab environments.

Other LIMS products are built on legacy architecture with two annoying side effects:

  • They're difficult and expensive to customize because the program code has to be "forked" which becomes difficult to maintain over time. Have you ever upgraded a piece of software and had to immediately rollback because all the supposedly improved features broke the existing functionality? That doesn't happen with ToolTrack.
  • They rely on thin-client software (such as Java Runtime, aka JRE) that must be installed on every computer using the software. Thus, your accessibility to the system is instantly hobbled because it's only supported on specific versions of specific operating systems, so you can say goodbye to utilizing tablets and mobile devices. What's worse, every product update requires that every thin-client also be updated! This becomes a nightmare for your IT department and thin-clients are typically better described as "bloated clients" because they're slow and clunky.
In contrast, ToolTrack LIMS is a native web application because browser-based software is what the world is moving towards, and where the best software technology development is happening. ToolTrack LIMS takes advantage of modern browser capabilities to provide beautiful, performant and scalable solutions complete with interactive dashboards and analytics, and you can access them on any device, from anywhere.

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